Harmonization of urban access regulation measures' digitalization

21p17 UVAR exchange

User-friendly information tool on urban and regional vehicle access regulation schemes II

uvar exchange 2UVAR-Exchange is the European Parliament Preparatory Action 2 (EP PA 2) contracted by DG MOVE. The project, which links to and follows the EP PA 1 (the UVARBox project in which TRT is also involved), aims to enhance the experience of road users by improving the communication of information to drivers in the vicinity of UVARs, as well as to facilitate the city’s access to information, especially of foreign vehicles and drivers, for their seamless travel and the city’s enforcement of UVARs.

The project developed recommendations and guidance for EU-wide harmonised physical signs for different UVARs (use of symbols and layout of main and additional panels plus indication on road marking) and for variable message signs (VMS). Their applicability has been discussed and demonstrated in different countries including the provision of information to the vehicle via Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) UVAR-adapted and harmonized messages.

UVAR-Exchange also addressed the cross-border sharing of vehicle and driver information, which will on one hand, allow the automatic compliance check of foreign vehicles and drivers, reducing the need for pre-registration (and related fines).

The work included intensive desk research and extensive engagement with experts and stakeholders at the local, regional, national and international level (including the UNECE working group on road sign and signage), through surveys, interviews and workshops.


uvar exchange

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Project Description

European Commission – DG Move

2021 – 2023

Cosimo Chiffi