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New website and features in MOMOS – Model for Sustainable urban Mobility

logo ENGMOMOS – Sustainable MObility Model, is a strategic assessment tool for the analysis of integrated mobility strategies. The model has been developed and designed by TRT for supporting Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) in some Italian cities, as well as for European studies focusing on the transition toward sustainable urban mobility and decarbonisation targets.

MOMOS is constantly under development, on one hand to increase the accuracy of estimated indicators and improve its adaptation to various urban contexts, on the other hand to include new forms of mobility, services and planning. Indeed, urban mobility is constantly evolving, whilst complexity and integration of transport systems is continuously increasing, motivating the development of new technologies and services, and emphasizing the need for solutions aiming at improving sustainability and livability of cities.

Together with the modelling improvements and recent applications, MOMOS also got a new look, with a dedicated website ( The model is now also a patented tool at the SIAE public software registry. Navigating the website, the features, structure and applications of MOMOS can be explored.

The experts from TRT are available to provide more details on the model and explore potential applications and further developments.

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