New mobility patterns in European cities

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New mobility patterns in European cities

The overall objective of the study is to provide the European Commission with an extensive data collection covering the areas of passenger mobility, urban logistics, fleet composition, transport activity and traffic for the EU Member States. A particular focus is dedicated to measuring new mobility and logistics patterns (such as shared mobility, active mobility and use of alternative fuelled vehicles), both at intra-urban and interurban level.

The study is articulated in three tasks:

  • Task A realizes a EU-wide passenger mobility survey focusing on trips and activity by mode and category of transport
  • Task B consists in a survey on urban logistics in the major EU city centres
  • Task C develops a consistent dataset of fleet, activity, and traffic data of various transport modes and for quantitative analysis


TRT is one of the partners of the transnational consortium – led by Stratec – along with FIT Consulting, Panteia, IFFSTAR, Emisia and GDCC.

TRT is involved in all tasks leading the systematic review of existing mobility surveys in Europe and assisting the preparation of the project’s passenger mobility survey (Task A), carrying fieldwork activities for the urban logistics survey (Task B), and analyzing rail data for the development of the mobility dataset (Task C).

New mobility patterns

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