A key qualification of TRT is funded on its specialization in transport modelling for the demand analysis and forecasts, in order to assess the interaction between transport system and socio-economic and territorial system within the strategic planning of the policies and transport investments.

The models are applied at urban, metropolitan, regional, national and European level. The transport models support quantitatively:

  • the traffic forecasts of new infrastructures
  • the drafting of transport plans
  • the integrated assessment of the long-term impacts of the transport policies at European scale
  • the territorial impacts at national scale


MOMOS (Sustainable MObility MOdel) is an assessment tool that offers support to analyse different policies for sustainable mobility in urban areas
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astraASTRA (ASsessment of TRAnsport Strategies) is a strategic model based on the System Dynamics approach and simulates the transport system in linkage with the economy, the environment and the energy systems
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TRUST-150x100TRUST (TRansport eUropean Simulation Tool) is a European scale transport network model developed by TRT and simulating road, rail and maritime transport
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TRT uses the best software tools on the market related to the transport sector and is able to develop applications tailored on the specific needs of its clients [read more]