UVAR-BOX Tool for digitalise UVAR policies

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User-friendly information tool on urban and regional vehicle access regulation schemes


UVAR-BOX is a new EU project which has been established to tackle fragmented or unavailable information on up-to-date and relevant UVARs (Urban Vehicle Access Regulations) policies in European cities.

The project, that started in August 2020 and will last for 24 months, will develop a tool, the UVAR-BOX, to structure data on UVARs in adequate machine-readable formats for navigation systems and mobile applications available to all European car drivers.

UVARs policies serve different objectives such as air quality, livability and congestion abatement. The project aims at harmonising UVAR information, supporting integrated information on UVAR schemes in apps, fleet management tools and navigation devices.
This will support both road users to plan journeys across the EU, and local authorities and Member States to set up digital issuing procedures and comply with European regulations on travel information (ITS Directive and Single Digital Gateway).

TRT is part of a wide consortium and will act as Italian Country Coach and will support Italian Public Administrations in the digitisation and cooperation process.




For more information

  • Project brochure – Link
  • Country Coaches web page – Website
  • DATEX II: the standard for traffic and mobility information – Video



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Project Description

European Commission DG MOVE

2020 – ongoing


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