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TRT - progetto REFLEX

REFLEX – Analysis of the European energy system under the aspects of flexibility and technological progress

The core objective of the REFLEX project is to analyse and evaluate the development towards a low-carbon energy system with a focus on flexibility technologies in the EU to support a better system integration of Renewable Energy Sources. The project, lead by University of Dresden (Germany), identifies and assesses the most relevant low-carbon technologies and flexibility options in the mobility, heat and electricity sectors for a sustainable and cost-effective transformation of the European energy system.

The analysis is based on a modelling system that considers the full extent to which current and future energy technologies and policies interfere and how they affect the environment and society while considering technological learning of low-carbon and flexibility technologies.

In the REFLEX project TRT provides expertise in the analysis of the impact of flexibility and technology options on mobility and transport. Both diffusion of alternative technologies in the vehicle fleet and energy and transport policy measures have been considered to analyse the decarbonisation pathway in the transport sector. To this end, the ASTRA system dynamic strategic model simulates the transport system in linkage with the economy, the environment and the energy systems. It is therefore capable to represent long term impacts of transport policies not only on mobility but also on wider aspects such as economic growth or greenhouse gas emissions.


Project Description

European Commission Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA)

dal 2016 al 2019


Francesca Fermi