Alessandria SUMP and update of Urban Traffic Plan

Alessandria – Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and updating of the Urban Traffic Plan

The Municipality of Alessandria awarded TRT to draft the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and to update the Urban Traffic Plan (UTP).

The SUMP-UTP process was developed along four steps:

  • the background analysis of the mobility-related sector and its environmental, social and economic impacts in Alessandria, including the development of extensive surveys (traffic, parking supply and demand, public transport passengers counts);
  • the identification of the strategies for the construction of the SUMP/UTP scenarios, as a result of the background analysis as well as the objectives and the priorities raised by the local Administration;
  • the design of different scenarios: reference solution and SUMP scenario (short period – 2 years and long period – 10 years);
  • the evaluation of the alternative scenarios through the implementation of an AIMSUN transport model for the urban area.

In addition, specific detailed documents such as the Parking Plan and the Urban Public Transport Plan have been developed.

The SUMP-UTP was adopted with resolution no. 168/16110-220 of the City Administration on 9/06/2017.

PUMS Alessandria e aggiornamento PGTU

Following the establishment of a new municipal administration, in 2019 TRT subsequently updated the plan and supported the administrative process of the new version until the final approval.

After the adoption in September 2019, the updated SUMP-UTP document in its final version was approved by the City Council on 10/06/2020 with resolution no. 31


Project Description

Municipality of Alessandria

2016 – 2020

Simone Bosetti