Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine market study

Transport Market Study: Quantification of modal shift potential on the Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine

17p15 RALP Corridor Market Study 2

17p15 RALP Corridor Market StudyThe study, coordinated by TRT and involving relevant partners across Europe, aimed to quantify the potential modal shift to rail thanks to the improvement in transport performance on the Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine. More specifically, the objective of the study was to investigate the possibility to introduce:

  • heavier and longer trains,
  • faster trains (less stops),
  • more reliable trains.


The work was structured by three consecutive activities: analysis of the freight transport demand, quantification of the cost savings in relation to heavier, faster and more reliable trains,  quantification of modal shift potential.


For more information

  • The Transport Market Study summary report is available for download here


Project Description

EEIG Corridor Rhine-Alpine EWIV

2017 – 2018

Giuseppe Galli