CEDR’s TEN-T Roads performance Report

CEDR’s TEN-T (Roads) 2017 Performance Report

17p16 CEDR-TEN-T mappaThe 2017 TEN-T (Roads) Performance report is the fifth biannual report issued by the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) on the performance of the TEN-T road network within the participating countries.

Biennial CEDR reports offer a coherent set of data with which to monitor trends and identify changes in the performance of the TEN-T road network since the year 2009. As such, these reports are a particularly useful source of information for individual National Road Authorities, regulatory bodies and others for benchmarking purposes and for setting national performance targets.

More specifically, the CEDR reporting framework is based on a common simple Location Referencing Model and a consistent set of performance indicators based on common data definitions and on data provided directly by National Road Administrations.  In addition to the report, the project includes the preparation of  a GIS web map to support the visualization of collected data.


For more information, please check the project website – cedr.eu


Project Description

CEDR – Conference of European Directors of Roads

2017 – 2018


Claudia de Stasio