Prato SUMP monitoring report

Prato SUMP monitoring report in accordance with the indicators of DM 396 of 28/08/2019

Prato PUMS Piazza Santa Maria delle Ceneri

TRT was commissioned by the Municipality of Prato to draw up the SUMP monitoring report. The SUMP was approved by Municipal Council Resolution no. 51 of 2017. The activity consists in verifying the state of implementation of the measures foreseen in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan as of February 2022, while highlighting the evolution of the descriptive variables of urban mobility (demand, supply and environmental and social impacts). This is an activity envisaged by Article 4 of the Ministry’s PUMS Guidelines (DM 397/2017). In particular, the assignment includes the following macro activities:

  • comparison of indicators selected from the current SUMP (approved in June the 1st, 2017) and therefore prior to the issuance of the SUMP Guidelines (DM No. 397 of 4 August 2017 and the subsequent update introduced by DM 396 of 28 August 2019);
  • adjustment of the PUMS indicators to DM 396 of 28 August 2019 and their estimation to the base year (2017) and 2021;
  • verification of the SUMP status of implementation as for the individual measures envisaged in the two Reference and Plan Scenarios;
  • adaptation of SUMP objectives and actions;
  • recommendations and indications for future updating of the current SUMP as set out in the 2017 Ministerial Guidelines.


PUMS Interventions by thematic area

The first part of the activities consists of comparing all the indicators within the current SUMP with those indicated in DM 396 of 28/08/2019 in order to align the SUMP with the new ministerial provisions. Secondly, it verifies the status of implementation of the measures foreseen by the SUMP on the basis of the close interaction between TRT and the technical structures of the Municipal Administration, in order to account for the activity put in place during the 2017-2021 period in implementing the SUMP. The combination of these activities makes it possible, on the one hand, to estimate the trend of indicators representative of the PUMS objectives and, on the other, to understand the choices made by the Administration with respect to the implementation of the measures. Finally, the intersection of the two pieces of information makes it possible to give an account of the trend of the targets set by the SUMP and to modulate the Administration’s action accordingly through the implementation of the actions in favor of sustainable mobility envisaged by the SUMP and its subsequent update.


Trend in the number of road deaths (left) and road accidents (right)


TRT was also responsible of the drafting of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, the Parking Master Plan and the Urban Traffic Plan of the city of Prato

In 2022, TRT also drafted Prato’s e-Mobility Plan.


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