Prato parking masterplan

Parking Master Plan of the city of Prato, Italy


TRT drafted the Parking Master Plan of the city of Prato (Italy), a plan that intended to meet the needs of both the Municipal Administration and Consiag Servizi Comuni, the parking system manager in the city of Prato.

The thematic analysis was developed after the preparation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and was contextual to the preparation of the Urban Traffic Plan.

On-field activities (developed in the initial phase of the work) involved a wide street survey meant to gain precise knowledge on parking supply and demand of parking spaces.

The Parking Master Plan, in addition to the provision of parking supply sizing for different areas of the city:

  • identifies the most rational mix of parking regulation and pricing policies for each city district;
  • modulates the parking tariffs on the basis of the urban characteristics of Prato;
  • optimizes the multi-level garage system, encourages the use of parking spaces outside the city center as well as sets up a network of Park&Ride parkings.


Project Description

Consiag Servizi Comuni Srl

2017 – 2018

Ivan Uccelli