ELTIS and SUMI 2 project

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European Urban Mobility Observatory and support (ELTIS) and Urban Mobility Scoreboard (SUMI – Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators)

ELTIS, the European Urban Mobility Observatory, is a long-standing web portal (eltis.org), which has facilitated the exchange of information and best practice in the field of urban mobility in Europe for over 20 years. Financed by DG MOVE, ELTIS has expanded its remit over time, evolving from an information repository, to become the EU’s Urban Mobility Observatory.

As such, ELTIS now provides a broad range of essential services (e.g. training and support tools) and became a one-stop shop for sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) guidance, following the integration of the European Platform on SUMPs into a new  portal hosted on the European Commission website (Urban Mobility Observatory).

To support the use of the SUMP guidance material available on ELTIS, the SUMI (Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators) project aimed at developing a set of indicators to enable cities to identify deficiency areas and enhance alignment with EU policy goals. The ultimate goal has been the definition of indicators covering the seven indicator areas mentioned in the draft amended TEN-T Regulation, together with the development, implementation, and analysis of responses to a European-wide urban mobility data and indicators survey of cities proposed to be ‘urban nodes’ in the draft TEN-T Regulation.

This project extends the legacy of the ELTIS portal, managed for the period 2022-2023, and updates and enhances SUMI to support the amendment of TEN-T Regulation.

After having been already involved in both the previous ELTIS (2017-2021) and SUMI (2018-2020) projects, TRT has been awarded for the combined ELTIS-SUMI 2 project, as part of an international consortium led by Ricardo (UK), with Rupprecht Consult (DE), POLIS (BE), ECORYS (ML), TEPR (UK), Vision5 (AT), UITP (BE), TML (BE) and Marlon (BE).

TRT contributes to the project as it comes to:

  • publishing news items and case studies on the ELTIS Portal, and drafting new SUMP Topic Guides / Practitioner briefings, to facilitate the continued dissemination of best practice information to urban mobility professionals across Europe,
  • chairing and organising meetings of the EU SUMP Platform Coordinating Group, bringing together representatives of the main ongoing and EU funded projects on SUMP,
  • reviewing, updating and simplifying the set of SUMI indicators related to the indicator areas of the amended TEN-T Regulation, exploring data availability among the cities defined as urban nodes across Europe.


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