Impact Assessment on amendment of the Combined Transport Directive

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Analysis accompanying the Impact Assessment for the revision of Directive 92/106/EEC (Combined Transport Directive)

Studio d’impatto della revisione della Direttiva sul trasporto combinato

The project aims to provide a robust evidence-based analysis to develop an impact assessment on the possible revision of the Combined Transport Directive. The objective of the revision is to increase the share of rail, SSS and IWW in the EU freight transport, reducing GHG emissions as well as other transport externalities such as congestion and accidents.

The impact assessment should inform the specific measures to be included and the level of ambition of the revised Directive, including the following tasks:

  • Task 1: analysis of the main problems and policy objectives identified by the Commission
  • Task 2: Assessment of the policy measures according to their legal, political and technical feasibility
  • Task 3: Analysis of the baseline scenario, including both the status-quo and the likely evolution of the problem drivers
  • Task 4: Assessment of the economic, social and environmental impacts of each policy option
  • Task 5 and 6: comparison of options and selection of the preferred policy options


TRT is involved mainly in Task 3 and 4, providing among others EU scale modelling (ASTRA) for estimations of key variables (transport activity, modal share, fuel consumption, emissions, etc.) for the baseline and policy scenarios, and tailored cost models to quantify the economic impacts of the proposed measures and combination of measures.

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