TRT is able to draft studies in different areas of mobility and transport, for both national and international institutions and private clients.

Studies for Italian institutions such as the Bank of Italy, the Ministries of Infrastructure and Transportation, Treasury and Economic Development, local authorities relate to urban mobility, logistics, the transport component of the Italian national budget.

As for Europe and other countries outside the EU, in more than twenty years of consultancy TRT activity has covered different aspects of transport policies, such as charging, the introduction of new technologies, project assessment, analysis of the impacts of new legislation. Relevant beneficiaries include the European Parliament, different Directorates of the European Commission (Transport, Environment, Climate Change, Regional Policy, International Cooperation) and the European Investment Bank.

In parallel, TRT carries out studies on mandate of private operators, such as motorway operators, manufacturers of motor vehicles or rolling stock. These studies build on a wide range of technical expertise combined with in-depth knowledge of the institutional aspects and of the sectorial policies.