Digital and technical solutions to enable more effective and user-friendly UVARs

Mapping study on digital and technical solutions to enable more effective and user-friendly UVARs, while respecting the principle of subsidiarity

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The broad objective of the study is to support the operation of more efficient, user-friendly and non-discriminatory UVARs across the European Union for both vehicle users, operators and city authorities. For vehicle users (private and commercial) the specific objective is to improve the ease and efficiency of UVAR pre-registration procedures while, for authorities, to ease the conformity checks of vehicles.

This study will seek to achieve the abovementioned objectives by identifying and mapping EU interoperable technical and digital solutions (or combinations thereof), as well as respective realistic and feasible implementation options, that facilitate seamless travel across the EU.

This further “mapping study” builds on UVAR Exchange results and is structured in 4 Tasks.

  • Task 1 starts with the identification, mapping, analysis and further clarification of interoperable digital and technical solutions or their combinations thereof, including an analysis of what it takes to implement them on the ground.
  • Task 2 will provide an overview of the identified technology combinations with its specific pros and cons, constraints and challenges, including the notions of user-friendliness and non-discriminatory aspects. It will investigate and suggest EU-wide interoperability standards needed for UVAR compliance and enforcement technologies and digital solutions
  • Task 3 will build from the previous and draft a roadmap of actions.
  • Task 4 is a transversal task that will concentrate all stakeholder engagement and consultation activities


TRT leads Task 3 activities and is responsible for investigating digital tachograph and camera-based solutions including data exchange and enforcement practices and IT systems in use in Italy. Besides TRT, the awarded consortium is composed of Panteia (NL), MAPtm (NL) and Austriatech (AT).

The study follows the previous European Parliament Preparatory Action, contracted by DG MOVE, for an “User-friendly information tool on urban and regional vehicle access regulation schemes” that generated the projects UVAR Box and UVAR Exchange ( with TRT as partner of the two consortia.


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