Territorial Plan for the Metropolitan City of Naples

Drafting mobility scenarios for the Territorial Plan for the Metropolitan City of Naples

TRTIng, grouped with Telos, Ambiente Italia, Geores, Nemo and Sociolab, was in charge of drafting the Territorial Plan of the Metropolitan (PTM) City of Naples. In particular, TRT supports the working group in analyzing the current assets of mobility and transport infrastructures and in defining future policies and interventions taking into account the SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) of the Metropolitan City currently being adopted.

The PTM of the Metropolitan City of Naples wants to be a shared territorial project to effectively pursue the objectives of sustainable development and the reduction of land consumption, strengthening and enhancing the infrastructure networks and public mobility systems in synergy with the SUMP. The plan focuses on urban regeneration and on the redevelopment of the existing building heritage, the upgrading and redevelopment of services and public spaces, the construction of the metropolitan ecological network as well as the protection and enhancement of all landscapes.

PTM Napoli

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Città Metropolitana di Napoli

2022 – ongoing

Rino Saponaro