COGnitive Logistics Operations

COG-LO – COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks

COGLO_1The main goal of COG-LO, an innovative project on ICT logistics solutions funded by the European Programme Horizon 2020, was to create the framework and tools to implement cognitive and collaborative ICT solutions on future logistics processes, embracing many contexts and environments.

By exploiting COG-LO, it was possible to achieve several benefits, such as: increase the load factor, reduce the cross-border parcel delivery costs, reduce the ratio between distance covered by the logistic vehicles and the number of pickups, implement quick adaptive response management to dynamic customer requirements.

The project outcomes were validated in three different pilots, covering multi-modality, inter-country deliveries and urban logistics operations.

The international partnership involved 14 public and private actors working both in transportation and ICT fields across eight European countries.

TRT leaded WP2 (Cognitive logistics framework), capitalizing on its vast experience on freight transport and logistics research projects.

It also brought its long experience in the field of quantitative analysis, strategic planning, KPIs assessment by supporting the technological requirements analysis in one of the pilots developed along the project (the EKOL case on intra-terminal operations and multimodality solutions).


Project Description

European Commission – Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA)

2018 – 2021


Giuseppe Galli