Modal shift in European transport

Modal shift in European transport: a way forward


The study, developed for the TRAN committee of the European Parliament for the Year of Multimodality (2018), provides a comprehensive analysis of the progress and potential of modal shift in the EU from road to more sustainable transport modes, with respect to the policy objectives set in the 2011 White Paper on transport.

The study focuses both on passenger and freight transport, highlighting the main barriers and factors that are hampering a more effective modal shift at EU level, providing policy recommendations for the way forward.

The analysis carried out highlights that, at EU level, a modal shift from road to more sustainable transport means (rail, inland waterways, public transport) is taking place at a lower pace, compared to the objectives previously set.

The relevant measures proposed, besides broadly confirming the actions so far undertaken, include the increase of investments on multimodal projects, the improvement of multimodal access and connectivity of all the EU regions and to enhance the use of ITS technologies.


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Enrico Pastori