Metropolitan City of Padova, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

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Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan – Metropolitan area of Padua’s (Comepa)

Following a public tender, TRT, in cooperation with Technital, Atraki and Avanzi, has been commissioned by the Municipality of Padua for the drafting of the new SUMP for Metropolitan area of Padua (CoMePa). The Plan has been approved by the City Council in January 2020.

The first phase of activities ended in October 2016 with the completion of the first set of activities: description of the current status of urban mobility, field surveys, organization of participatory events to gather stakeholders positions and construction of the multimodal transport simulation model. The resignation of the City Council in November 2016, led to the suspension of activities.

mappa COMEPA PadovaIn September 2017, the dialogue within the CoMePa resumed with the aim of proceeding with the drafting of a SUMP, being Padua one of the 18 Municipalities that – on a voluntary basis – started the process of transport planning at metropolitan scale.

In 2018 the SUMP was completed with the Plan Proposal presented to the technical and political bodies of the Municipalities of the Padua metropolitan area. The Plan Proposal was discussed in different meetings with technical and political bodies of CoMePa .

The third phase was completed with the quantitative assessments of the Plan interventions and the drafting of the final document of the PUMS to be adopted and approved by the Municipalities .

The participatory process adopted for the SUMP development led to the inclusion of different measures to encourage the transition towards low carbon mobility through: modal shift actions; the introduction of a vehicle access control area (Low Emission Zone -LEZ) for Padua; the promotion of penetration of electric traction and low environmental impact vehicles in the central area.

For more information

  • Documents available on (only available in italian)
  • “Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of Padova and metropolitan area”. Case study published on Eltis Platform


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Municipality of Padova

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