Surveys on the freight international transport


Statistical sample survey on the international freight transport 2016-2019

TRT has been commissioned by the Banca d’Italia (Italian Central Bank) to carry out a four-year survey on the international freight transport, in order to:

punto_elenco identify the unit costs of different transport modes for imports and exports;
punto_elenco identify the components of ancillary costs;
punto_elenco show in a matrix the abroad goods exchange;
punto_elenco define the market share held by Italian actors in the maritime, air and rail transport sectors;
punto_elenco estimate the turnover made by Italian ship-owners abroad.
This project follows similar surveys managed by TRT since 1998, whose results are used by Banca d’Italia to estimate the Balance of Payments for the corresponding years.


Project Description

Banca d’Italia (Italian Central Bank

2016 – 2020

Italy’s international freight transport – 2015

Enrico Pastori
Giuseppe Galli