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Survey on International Merchandise Transport – 2019

This paper is a summary of the surveys on international freight carried by TRT for Banca d’Italia (Italian national bank) in 2019.

It includes main figures of the sample surveys carried by TRT for Banca d’Italia dating back to 1998. It is part of the balance of payments, in the section of international freight transport. In 2019 TRT interviewed 160 circa of the main international freight operators, with the aim to find out information regarding freight rates and ancillary costs. Moreover, market shares of carriers by nationality has been estimated.

During 2019 the reduction of the share of transport cost on imported and exported goods’ value diminished. Average costs per tonne remained almost constant in road transport, with an increment of full-load fees and a reduction of partial-load fees. Freight rates in rail transport are diminished, particularly for bulk transport. Air cargo average costs diminished considerably, especially for exports. As for maritime transport, average costs increased moderately, due to the depreciation of the euro-dollar exchange rate.

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