Ospitaletto Logistics Centre - Transport study and project impact analysis

Logistic Center (Ospitaletto) – Transport evaluation and microsimulation modeling analysis

As part of the preliminary proposal (2017-2019) for the construction of a new logistics centre, managed by Policreo, TRT carried out the evaluation of future transport scenarios in the study area for the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) procedure.

In 2020, TRT was entrusted with the drafting of the transport study for the economic and social impact analysis of the Logistics Centre project and contributed, supporting the designers, to the definition and evaluation of the road schemes for accessibility to the logistics center.

In particular, TRT was involved in the following activities:

  • organisation and conduction of integrative traffic surveys in the fieldLogistico_Ospitaletto_2
  • preparation/adaptation of the large-scale traffic macro-simulation model with micro-simulation focus on the project transport infrastructures
  • construction and transport assessment of the project scenario(s).
  • estimation of the induced mobility of the new settlement,
  • transport assessment of infrastructure project proposals,
  • economic and social impact analysis of the project.



Project Description

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2020 – in corso

Fabio Torta