Road transport social legislation

TRT - Aspetti sociali del trasporto commerciale su strada

Ex-post evaluation of the road transport social legislation and its enforcement

In two distinct assignments, TRT has focussed on the EU legislation currently in force in the area of commercial road freight transport sector.

Both entails an ex-post evaluation of the relevant EU norms  governing:

  • access to the occupation (Regulation 1071/2009),
  • access to the international road haulage market  (Regulation 1072/2009),
  • social aspects (driving times, rest periods and working time) of the road transport sector including enforcement mechanisms across the EU Member States (Regulation 561/2006 and Directives 2002/15/EC and 2006/22/EC).

In both assignment an assessment is carried out with respect to the actual performance of these legislative interventions in terms of achieving their objectives, as well as the overall impacts (both intended and unintended) on societal, economic and environmental issues and possible requirements for future action.


Project Description

European Commission DG MOVE


Enrico Pastori