MUSE - Coordination and Support Action for the CIVITAS Initiative


CIVITAS MUSE – Coordination and Support Action for the CIVITAS Initiative

The scope of CIVITAS MUSE is to support the CIVITAS community to increase its impact on urban mobility policy making and advance it to a higher level of knowledge, exchange, impact and sustainability, while guaranteeing essential high-quality support.

Their main objectives include:

  • to act as a destination for knowledge developed by the CIVITAS Community over the past twenty years
  • To expand and strengthen relationships between cities and stakeholders at all levels
  • To support the enrichment of the wider urban mobility community by providing learning opportunities
  • To represent CIVITAS on the international stage


TRT is responsible of the activities related to projects monitoring and evaluation, as well as for the development of policy recommendations. More specifically, the key objectives of TRT work are:

  • Monitor results and implementation activities across CIVITAS and urban mobility projects with reference to what is new and emerging from the CIVITAS Community on urban mobility innovations and policy making.
  • Enhance, consolidate, and bring to the next level the substantial body of knowledge that has and is continuously being produced by urban mobility projects, to improve its accessibility to practitioners.
  • Provide a common realistic, user-friendly and effective evaluation framework as the reference point for mobility measures and concepts, supporting projects in its implementation to harmonise evaluation activities.
  • Provide focused policy support to the CIVITAS Community, informed by Policy Groups contributing to Green Deal objectives, elaborating policy building blocks and content for MUSE learning and communications.


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Project Description

European Commission – INEA

2023 – ongoing

Stefano Borgato