Private sector involvement for E-mobility in Jordan and Egypt

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Unlocking opportunities for private sector participation in electric mobility transition in Jordan and Egypt

Electrification of transport stands out amongst the most promising emerging solutions at the interface of clean energy transition and sustainable transportation. Countries in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region are at very different stages of Electric-Mobility development.

However, E-Mobility creates opportunities for climate change mitigation and adaptation, increase energy efficiency, enhance quality of transport services, and improve urban air quality, while taking advantage of the integration of higher shares of renewable resources, energy storage and demand response technologies in the evolving electricity grids across the region.


The objective of this twofold consulting assignment is to provide support to the World Bank task team to deliver technical assistance to both Jordan and Egypt, with the aim to facilitate:

  • private sector participation (PSP), including different forms and levels of engagement from the private sector to collaborate with the public sector (PPP); and
  • private capital mobilization (PCM), which enables and leverages private sector investment to maximize the total financing resources available for development purposes, to support a more ambitious goal towards E-Mobility development.


The studies for the two countries focus on two main pillars (e-buses fleets and EV public charging infrastructure), and provide operations-ready and investment-ready output, with suggestions on feasible business models and potential contractual arrangement for PSP and PCM in the e-mobility transition and investment rollout.

The two projects are carried out by the same lean international consortium made by MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers (ES), leading, and TRT (IT). In the consortium, TRT is specifically responsible for the EV charging infrastructure sub-sector (in both countries) and is leading the study related to Jordan.


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