EU combined transport


Gathering additional data on EU combined transport

This study, committed by DG MOVE to TRT and MDS, presents a detailed analysis of combined transport (CT) operations in the European Union (EU) and provides quantitative and qualitative evidence of the current status of the European CT sector. By updating the information with respect to the 2015 fact-finding study (entitled “Analysis of the EU Combined Transport”) the study was designed to help DG MOVE to identify measures that would be effective in supporting the CT sector. The analysis was supported by a survey, which allowed the consultants to collect primary data on CT operations for the reference year of 2015 from a full cross-section of EU Member States for different modal combinations and industry sectors.

For each combination of modes, detailed data on the volumes of transhipments and the main costs involved in CT operations are analysed and discussed both at a European and a Member State (MS) level and further analysed through a series of statistics and indicators. The study also examines the current use of regulatory support measures introduced by Directive 92/106/EEC; these measures address issues such as own-account transport and road haulage cabotage. By offering a number of indicators on CT operations and insights into the related legislative framework, the study represented a key information source for the completion of the European Commission’s Impact Assessment of the amendment to Directive 92/106/EEC.


Project Description

EC – Directorate General for Mobility and Transport

2016 – 2017

Giuseppe Galli