Shanghai Jinshan Marina Urban Planning

Shanghai Jinshan Marina Urban Planning (China)

Jinshan_2Following the winning of the international context by GALA engineering, TRT was selected to carry out the design of road transport network and the Public transport system in the marina of Jinshan New Town, located south of Shanghai. The project integrates two innovative solutions:

punto_elenco multimodal transport system with bus, rail and innovative systems
punto_elenco dedicated transport system for the cruise port planned to accommodate thousands of tourists daily

Area: 2.6 million of square metres

Definition of parking areas according to a wide range of functionalities serving more than 150 000 users.

Definition of parking pubs to accommodate seasonal touristic flows leaving form the new cruise port

Definition of cycling and pedestrian paths to connect the new seaside and the green areas


Project Description

GALA A&E Shanghai Co. Ltd

2016 – 2017

Fabio Torta