Strategies for zero-emission urban logistics

TRT - cyclelogistics_ahead

Cyclelogistics Ahead – A key step towards zero emissions logistics in cities

Cyclelogistics Ahead makes use of existing know‐how, guidelines and best‐practice examples developed by previous or on‐going EU projects focusing on urban freight delivery.

Although many European projects have already produced a multitude of strategies on how to work towards zero emission urban logistics, these concepts and plans have rarely been implemented.

Cyclelogistics Ahead proposes a unique solution to the above‐mentioned problems by using the successful bottom‐up approach from the Cyclelogistics project.

In it, the active use of cargo‐bikes has started up zero emission logistics in cities, which then motivated stakeholders to initiate more ambitious strategies and implementations.

TRT deals with the analysis of the state of the art and evolution of the cyclelogistics market in Europe. Through its subsidiary Triclò, tests services of food delivery and micro-consolidation in Milan (Italy).



Project Description

EASME Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises



Cosimo Chiffi