City of Rozzano, mobility solutions for Città Nuova

Project for the new ’AT1-Città Nuova’ district in the Municipality of Rozzano: Sustainable mobility solutions

“A human city does not separate its functions: the house here, the work there, the free time there… A human city is the one that creates the mixture: of activities, of income, of ages. The more mixed we do, the more human it is. “

(Jaime Lerner Architect and Urban Planner)


The study addresses and offers solutions for the mobility impacts of the future development of the “AT1 – Città Nuova” area in the Municipality of Rozzano (MI).

In depth multidisciplinary analyzes have led to the identification of the a suitable functional mix that allows a quality intervention which is sustainable from an environmental, social and economic perspective. While the business sector located in the northern area represents the driving force for developing the whole masterplan, the southern area will mainly host residences and services.

TRT’s main activities were mainly related to:

  • the selection of a suitable mobility scenario (transport and infrastructural), able to be developed gradually while following the evolution of the settlement intervention, with particular focus on sustainable mobility, low impact and with high management standards;
  • the development of a transport study which, through solid quantitative analyzes and modeling simulations, defines the performance characteristics and the level of accessibility of the transport scheme selected for the area.


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2016 – 2021

Tito Stefanelli