Airfreight transport in Italy

Airfreight transport in Italy, Cluster Cargo Aereo study

Cluster cargo aereo CCAThe Cluster Cargo Aereo is a trade association of stakeholders operating in the air cargo market (forwarders, airlines, handlers). Its mission is to provide research, studies and statistics to promote an understanding of the sector and its challenges to relevant stakeholders.

After its first study, released in 2019 and focusing on the supply of airfreight services (benchmarking of national and European airports competitiveness), the Cluster commissioned TRT a new study to better understand the airfreight demand and users preferences.

TRT was committed to analyse the type of commodities and industrial sectors making the most use of airfreight services, identifying the factors that drive companies to modal and airport choice, including foreign terminals. The analysis was carried out through two main activities:

  • a desk research, i.e. a statistical analysis of airfreight traffic flows (quantities/values) in the last 10 years and with respect to the most relevant types of commodities;
  • a field research, namely a survey to a selection of relevant companies (export oriented manufacturers, freight forwarders, etc.) to gain insights on key research questions.


With this study, TRT provided not only an up-to-date analysis of the national airfreight market, but also identified strategic actions for market development, particularly with respect to the sector-specific logistic needs coming from the survey.

A particular focus was also devoted to Covid-19 emergency and to the related impacts on the airfreight sector.

After the first study, presented in 2019 and focused on transport supply (competitiveness of national and European airports), and the second study on air freight transport demand of 2020, the Cluster has commissioned to TRT a new study in order to better understand the perception of the air cargo service in Italy.

Therefore, TRT has realized a survey to the main manufacturing companies, integrated by an in-depth survey to the shipment companies, whose results have been introduced during the 5th Convention of the Air Cargo Observatory, where there was an audience of 200 stakeholders and companies of the sector.


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  • La seconda edizione dell’Osservatorio cargo aereo: strategicità e potenzialità del trasporto aereo merci. Il giornale della logistica, 9 November 2020. Link
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