Development of the Porta Sud intermodal hub in Bergamo

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Preliminary study for the definition of development scenarios for the intermodal hub of the Porta Sud area, near the Bergamo rail station

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ATB Mobilità SpA assigned to the temporary association of enterprises formed by TRT Trasporti e Territorio and Policreo Società di Progettazione the contract for a study aimed at analysing the prospective structure of terminals, services, and technologies supporting the development of the intermodal hub to be build in Bergamo Porta Sud area, near the railway station. Activities included:

  1. A transport analysis, with the aim of obtaining a solid reference framework on the traffic flows (travellers and vehicles) that use and will use the intermodal hub. The evaluation of transport and environmental variables, through the application of a traffic model, allows to outline specific design considerations with the aim of guiding the development scenarios of the area.
  2. A review and analysis of international case studies relating to integrated mobility hubs, with the objective of identifying the design criteria to be followed in the design phase of the future intermodal hub in Bergamo.
  3. The development of proposals regarding scenarios that may be envisaged in the intermodal hub, with specific reference to connections and movements within the area (i.e., seamless transfers between transport terminals – urban and non-urban buses, tramways, trains, shared mobility facilities, etc.).
  4. The design of transport and architectural layouts related to the urban terminal of the existing T1 and the planned T2 tram lines, as well as of the new suburban, regional and long-distance bus terminal.


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