Mare in Bus e Terra-Mare in Bus public transport lines in Melendugno

21p09 Melendugno

Design and technical assistance for the implementation and tendering of a seasonal public transport service in the Municipality of Melendugno (Lecce, Italy)

Melendugno MARE in BUSTRT Trasporti e Territorio Srl was commissioned by the Municipality of Melendugno to support the definition of a public transport service to be provided in the summer months connecting all the coastal marinas in its territory (Torre Specchia, San Foca, Roca Vecchia, Torre dell’Orso and Torre Sant’Andrea), as well as between the more inland areas (the town centre and the hamlet of Borgane) and the coast. The activities concerned in particular the revision of the existing daily service based on the “Mare in Bus” and “Terra-Mare in Bus” lines, as well as the preparation of the tender documents for the assignment of the service.

The new service was tailored to the needs expressed in previous seasons, which in particular required an increase in the capacity of the vehicles used and faster journey times. The design of the new service included a review and verification of the stops, the inclusion of new stops and the definition of the routes and the operating schedule for both local lines. The timetables were integrated with those of the extra-urban buses connecting Otranto and Lecce. The service was successfully tested during the 2021 tourist season in order to calibrate the final bidding scheme and prepare for the subsequent multi-year tender.

TRT also provided indications regarding the area’s overall mobility system, verifying the offer of parking in dedicated parking areas, on-street parking, the provision of pedestrian areas and limited traffic zones and, in particular, the impact on traffic and public transport services of the new coastal cycle/pedestrian path planned by the Municipal Administration.

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