Study on regulation of vehicle access in urban areas

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CIVITAS REVEAL, Horizon 2020 project. Adding Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) to the standard range of urban mobility transition approaches of cities across Europe

ReVeAL is a “Research and Innovation Action” Horizon 2020 project financed by the European Commission. Its overreaching mission is to enable cities to optimise urban space and transport network usage through the selection as well as the implementation of new and integrated packages of UVAR (Urban Vehicle Access Regulation) measures.

During the project, six pilot cities representing different sizes and challenges that are common to many other European cities, developed, implemented, tested and evaluated a set of UVAR measures. Cities were Helmond (NL), Jerusalem (IL), London (UK), Padova (IT), Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES) and Bielefeld (DE).

The ReVeAL key output is a toolkit that help cities develop good practice UVARs, to help take urban road space from motorised vehicles and give them to people and sustainable mobility. The Toolkit consists of:

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  • A Decision Support Tool: 15 questions on the city’s goals and the area being considered for the UVAR, which gives a prioritisation of the building blocks (measures) that might be appropriate for your city.
  • Fact Sheets on each Building Block: The factsheets include the definition of the building block, aspects relevant to timing, phasing and upscaling, time window options, complementary measure and enforcement options, equity issues and future considerations. There are also links to the other building blocks that might be relevant to use with each building block.
  • Links to ReVeAL Guidance: The ReVeAL guidance covers aspects that are broader than a single building block such as the cross-cutting themes, and/or go into more detail on implementational issues than the factsheets allow. The different aspects are linked from the factsheets where relevant, as well as available in an online document.


TRT was leading the “Monitoring and evaluation” work package with the aim of designing the evaluation framework, monitoring the implementation processes, as well as evaluating and assessing the impacts in the six pilot cities. TRT was also “pilot coordinators for the actions implemented in London and Padova.

TRT experts were also involved development of the tool content and guidance, both as “transition area mentor” for mobility concepts and as “measure field leader” in the field of pricing measures. Finally, TRT was responsible for the technical development of the online Tool.


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For more information,

  • Official website of the project. It contains an overview of the main elements of the project, the presentation of the 6 pilot cities and other useful resourches.

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