Study on regulation of vehicle access in urban areas

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CIVITAS REVEAL, Horizon 2020 project. Adding Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) to the standard range of urban mobility transition approaches of cities across Europe

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ReVeAL is a “Research and Innovation Action” Horizon 2020 project financed by the European Commission. Its overreaching mission is to enable cities to optimise urban space and transport network usage through the selection as well as the implementation of new and integrated packages of UVAR (Urban Vehicle Access Regulation) measures.

During the project, six pilot cities (Bielefeld, Helmond, Jerusalem, London, Padova, Vitoria-Gasteiz) will develop, implement, test and evaluate a set of UVAR measures.

Main project activities are related to:

  • setting up and coordinating the ReVeAL transition framework, which structures the process of pilot activities in the six cities, from the ideation phase to the implementation phase;
  • setting the groundwork both for the implementation that will take place in the cities and for the decision support tool (see below);
  • implementing innovative UVAR measures as on-the-ground actions selected in the six pilot cities;
  • assessing the impact and evaluating the processes in the pilot cities considering technical, social and economic impacts of the implemented measures as well as the innovative elements of the process;
  • developing an online decision-support tool for other cities that will possibly consider the implementation of UVAR measures.


The consortium, coordinated by the City of Bielefeld, consists of 15 partners (including 6 municipalities, i.e. the pilot cities).

TRT is leading the “Monitoring and evaluation” package with the aim of designing the ReVeAL evaluation framework, monitoring the implementation process in the six pilot cities, evaluating the ReVeAL process and assessing the impacts in the six pilot cities. In addition, TRT experts are also involved in the project as “transition area mentor” (analysis of procedures and best practices related to mobility concepts), “measure field leader” (expert of pricing measures) and “pilot coordinator” (London and Padova).


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