Cost-benefit analysis of the new metro line Afragola-Naples

Financial and economic analysis of the new metro line Afragola AV-Napoli and of a moving walkways at Colli Aminei station

The project consists of an evaluation of two transport infrastructure projects: the new metro line Afragola-Napoli (LAN) and of a moving walkways at the Colli Aminei metro station (CAM). Respectively, these projects have been planned by the regional administration to connect the Afragola high-speed rail station with Naples inner city, and to improve the accessibility of the (sloping) Colli Aminei metro station.

Based on a detailed traffic analysis, TRT carried out a financial and economic evaluation (cost benefit analysis) of the projects, considering on the one hand the project investment and operating costs, and on the other hand the impacts expected from the induced modal shift (lower road traffic levels, travel time savings, reduction of traffic externalities, etc.).

The evaluation took into consideration different project layouts of LAN and CAM, contributing to identify the best alternative from a cost-benefit point of view. As provided by the national guidelines on transport project evaluation, a risk analysis was also developed including a qualitative risk analysis, a quantitative risk analysis, a sensitivity analysis.

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Project Description

Administrative Region of Campania


Riccardo Parolin