CIVITAS stands for CIty-VITAlity-Sustainability and it is an initiative through which the European Commission, since 2002, aims at improving the monitoring and evaluation phases concerning integrated sustainable urban transport strategies implemented to tackle negative effects of road transport in urban areas.


CIVITAS Plus (2008-2012) is the third edition of the CIVITAS initiative, which involved 25 European cities testing, evaluating and disseminating more than 300 innovative measures for sustainable urban mobility.

The objectives of the POINTER project can be summarised as follows:

  • monitoring of the results from the demonstration projects under CIVITAS Plus;
  • overall impact and process evaluation of the measures taken by the CIVITAS Plus cities on different levels;
  • development of European-level policy recommendations on the basis of validated city results;
  • dissemination of best practices for monitoring and evaluation of urban mobility measures.

Within the POINTER Project, TRT was responsible for the activities dealing with the formulation of policy recommendations for EU sustainable mobility concepts based on CIVITAS experience.

TRT was involved as well in developing further methodologies and tools as mentioned above, and in the organisation and management of training sessions and workshops on CBA for evaluation managers of the CIVITAS Plus collaborative projects and cities.


Project Description

European Commission – DG TREN

2008 – 2013

Simone Bosetti