Implementation and monitoring of the SUMP of Parma

Implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the city of Parma

During the year 2019 the Master Mobility Plan coordinated the strategies of the SUMP implementation through the formation of “thematic tables” participated by external experts and by members the Mobility Sector of Parma Municipality.

The “thematic tables” included 4 main areas: cycling, urban goods logistics, public transport and ITS.

Furthermore the activities of the Master Mobility Plan were oriented towards the development of the first steps for the implementation of the urban area Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The effort was to present the LEZ as a permanent easy to apply and understand measure aimed at overcoming the logic of temporary and emergency initiatives  to  improve air quality.

The assignment also provided for the coordination of the monitoring activities of the SUMP: These activities consisted in the collection and systemization of mobility trends data in Parma over the past 2-3 years and included a field surveys with traffic counts on the urban radials, on the main intersections and on cycling mobility.

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TRT was also responsible of the drafting of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and the General Urban Traffic Plan of the city of Parma.

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