Transport study and cost-benefit analysis of the new hospital in Piacenza

New Hospital of Piacenza: Contributed to the feasibility study through an in-depth transport system analysis and a Cost-Benefit Analysis

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TRT Trasporti e Territorio was commissioned by the Local Health Unit of Piacenza to provide technical support for the project of the New Hospital of Piacenza, as part of a consortium led by Policreo Srl. TRT contributed to the feasibility study through an in-depth transport system analysis and a Cost-Benefit Analysis.

The activities were divided into three main topics:

  • the first topic concerned the mobility system of the current hospital complex, analysing in detail the road system, the public and private accessibility of the area and the hospital parking area;
  • the second theme assessed the functionality of the road and parking infrastructures serving the new hospital area and estimated the impacts on the private mobility system. The transport analyses concerned the private and public modes as well as cycling and the parking systems. The analysis was conducted through the application of a sophisticated and dynamic traffic micro-simulation tool that provided a series of quantitative parameters (average speed, delays, etc..) functional to assess vehicular flows;
  • The third one was related to the cost-benefit analysis. The analysis was developed comparing the scenario with the new hospital with the scenario where the existing hospital is upgraded/renovated. The cost-benefit analysis estimated the project’s contribution to social welfare, comparing the socio-economic costs of the two scenarios (investment, maintenance, etc.) with the corresponding benefits (health benefits, improved transport accessibility, availability of recreational and green spaces).


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