PUMS Piacenza

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and the Urban Traffic Plan (PUT) of the Municipality of Piacenza, complemented/integrated by the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The Municipality of Piacenza (approx. 102,000 inhabitants) has commissioned TRT Trasporti e Territorio, through a public tender, to draft the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and the Urban Transport Plan of the city of Piacenza.


The drafting of the SUMP of Piacenza is developed in accordance with the ELTIS methodology and, at national level, with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Decree August 4, 2017). Launched in October 2018, it consists of four phases:

  • Updating of the local mobility and planning context;
  • evaluation of the current scenario (diagnostic framework and SWOT analysis) and definition of general and specific objectives and measurement indicators;
  • elaboration of the Plan and quantification of resources, including the identification of alternative scenarios of the Plan (RS and SP), the ex-ante evaluation of the Plan (technical, economic and environmental), the quantification of financial resources and the definition of the monitoring system;
  • adoption and approval¬† of the plan.

A traffic simulation tool is developed for technical, environmental and economic assessment of the SUMP.

A crucial element of the Plan’s drafting process is the participatory process, which includes:

  1. a survey aimed at those who live, work and study in Piacenza, with the dual purpose to define the transport demand and to know the needs of those who move daily across the city;
  2. thematic and territorial focus groups;
  3. informal evenings to explain the Plan to residents;
  4. a final conference.

The Plan will be subject to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

Following the SUMP, the Urban Traffic Plan will be drawn up, representing the short-term scenario of the SUMP.

The integration between the SUMP and the PUT, pursued by the Municipality of Piacenza, allows to integrate/match the short-term measures (Urban Traffic Plan) and those feasible with limited resources, with the longer-term ones of strategic value selected by the SUMP.


Project Description

Municipality of Piacenza

2018 – ongoing

Tito Stefanelli