Promotion of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans


CIVITAS Prosperity – Prosperity through innovation and promotion of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

250_prosperityThe project, led by FGM-AMOR in a consortium of 26 partners, is funded by the EC H2020 research program and aims at innovating and promoting SUMPs in 12 European countries: Slovenia, Lithuania, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Germany, Portugal.

The PROSPERITY projects is developed along the following key activities:

  • National Programmes – Strong involvement of national ministries or agencies to develop or improve national level programmes to encourage their cities to develop SUMPs;
  • Living Labs – A support for partner cities to be living labs demonstrating to other cities how SUMP can be developed and implemented;
  • Tools and Guidelines – Developments and improvements of tools and guidelines to provide advice and support to cities in their national context;
  • Capacity Building – Innovative capacity building and training tailored to the needs and context of each country.

TRT contribution to the project is mainly focused on training and capacity building activities related to tools needed to develop SUMPs, including the Urban Transport Roadmaps one.


For more information:

  • Innovation brief on city logistics solutions (Stefano Borgato, Giuseppe Galli, Simone Bosetti)
  • Interview to Simone Bosetti, SUMP Ambassador: the transport planner and chair of the EU SUMP platform coordinating group, talks about recent experiences of the SUMP planning practice in Italian cities



Project Description

European Commission Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA)



Simone Bosetti