Stated preferences study on car sharing

Study on the stated preferences regarding the use of car-sharing

TRT has carried the study on the use of a new car-sharing service for the city of Milan on behalf of the Polytechnic of Milan .


The stated preferences method is used to gather information on users’ choices in relation to hypothetical situations, which do not exist or are different from the reality. The survey method was then applied to measure the possible impact of a car-sharing service aimed at “residents” and “companies”.

The activities included the identification of a sample (1,000 interviews), the definition of the survey questionnaire (distributed via web) and the processing of the results obtained. The questionnaire included several exercises of choice in hypothetical cases of use of the service, aimed at quantifying a series of behavioral parameters.

The elaboration of the results was specifically carried out to quantify the parameters of the transport demand functions, concerning the disposition to share one’s car and to use the service.


Project Description

Politecnico di Milano – Dipartimento INDACO

2012 – 2013

Tito Stefanelli