MIBACT project

Sustainable mobility territorial system within the MIBACT Salento Arco Ionico project


The study is part of a wider project focused on the promotion and valorisation of tourism and cultural heritage in 12 municipalities located along the jonian coast of the Province of Lecce. The project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBACT).

TRT developed a wider area cycling network to connect the towns and points of interest in the inner territory with the coastline and interlink two main long distance cycle routes crossing the area: the national Apulian Aqueduct Cycle Route and the regional «Three Seas» Cycle Route.

The new plan identified each cycling segment primarily on existing rural roads. Apart for verifiyng and describing the current status and characteristics of the different itineraries (level of difficoulty, POIs, etc.), the plan detailed the needed infrastructural interventions to improve safety and quality along the networks, including punctual elements like water points and signage.

TRT has also developed a scheme for the promotion of the network as cycle tourism destination. Thematic routes and itineraries (e.g. wine route, industrial heritage, natural landscapes) have been associated to services and nodes activated and managed by local companies of the tourist sector and cycling associations.


Project Description

Municipality of Nardò (LE)


Cosimo Chiffi