Land-side strategies of the Marco Polo Airport (Venice)


Transport analisys of the land-side strategies of the Marco Polo Airport (Venice)

TRT will support SAVE to define the land-side infrastructure Marco Polo Airport in Venice according to the interventions of both short and medium-long term linked to the new Masterplan Airport.

The activity has been divided into two phases, with different methodological approaches:

punto_elenco the First Phase is aimed at supporting SAVE spa in defining the new Public Transport routes to the terminal and the new parking area of the commercial buses.
punto_elenco the Second phase aims to develop a dynamic microsimulation transport model in order to support of the medium and long term scenarios of the airport Masterplan (2021-2027) defining the performances and the level of accessibility of the land-side transport schemes.


Project Description


2016 – ongoing

Tito Stefanelli