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Implementation of the European roadworthiness package

This study, carried out by TRT who had lead a multidisciplinary international consortium made by OIR, Arcadia International and M&E Factory, further supported by CORTE, checks how EU Member States have transposed the package from the road safety perspective, determines whether the transposition has effectively led to the application of common standards, and check whether the national measures transposing the safety provisions of the package are sufficient and adequately shaped to achieve its safety objectives.

These goals required the analysis of legal transpositions by Member States, performed by considering the national legal measures transposing the roadworthiness package as they had been notified to the EC (more than 450 documents from 27 Member States), and a direct survey among responsible authorities at national level involved 23 different organization from 21 MS completed by 7 direct interview to ministries and other national authorities.

Link to the project page.

The study is available here.