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Harmony final conference


The H2020 funded project HARMONY concludes with the final conference in Barcelona. 20 partners from 9 different countries worked together to enable metropolitan area authorities to lead a sustainable transition to a low-carbon new mobility era. The HARMONY Model Suite has been implemented by linking models at strategical, tactical and operational levels, leading to a spatial and multimodal planning tool. A mobile application – the MOBY App – has been developed to collect urban transport data, to be used in the Activity-Based model, one of the most recent modelling algorithms to simulate mobility habits.

The HARMONY Model Suite was developed and tested in 4 study areas (Rotterdam, Oxfordshire, Turin, and Athens), and the results have been used to build new guidelines and recommendations for the future Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. The MOBY App was tested and used in Turin and Oxfordshire, whereas other three areas – Rotterdam and Trikala – hosted demonstrations. In Trikala an autonomous drone delivery system was tested to carry medicines in remote areas, meanwhile in Rotterdam the attention was on Rosie, an autonomous electric delivery robot.

TRT worked hard in the last years to develop strategic and operational models and integrate them in the Model Suite. We were also involved in the MOBY App testing and passenger survey in Turin metropolitan area. Moreover, TRT experts were leading the activities related to spatial and transport strategies for the SUMPs recommendations and guidelines.

During the final conference, all the models developed and integrated in the HARMONY Model Suite, alongside the MOBY App, the demonstrations, and SUMPs recommendations, have been presented to transport engineers, urban planners, and policy makers. It was an excellent opportunity to share the work done during the last 4 years and discuss about the future of urban mobility.

Harmony TRT Team