Light commercial vehicles in EU

Study on light commercial vehicles fleet and activity in EU

TRT leads an international pool of experts covering 10 EU Member States on which the study is focusing. The objective of the study is to fill the lack of LCV fleet and use patterns data across the EU28, understanding also the drivers behind such activity..


There are two main tasks:

  1. Explore data sources and collect evidence on LCV in different EU Member States;
  2. Analyse the relevant legal framework and market background for all EU Member States.

For the first task the objective is to find data (2010-2017) on:

  • fleet by vintage data, fuel type and emission standards;
  • mileage by vintage data;
  • type of activity/service (vehicle use) and type and amount of goods carried.

The second task focuses on how national legislation has incorporated the content of the Directive 2014/45/EU. Furthermore the study aims at collecting other regulatory information such as the national fiscal regime and subsidies applied to the purchase and use of LCVs as well as any other specific charges applied to this category of vehicle.


Project Description

Joint Research Centre, Unit Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport

2018 – on-going

Ettore Gualandi