Light commercial vehicles in EU

Study on Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) fleet and activity in EU

TRT has led an international consortium of experts covering 10 EU Member States with the objective to cover the lack of information and data on LCV fleet and activity in EU-28

The study outputs consist of:

  • DBs on LCVs broken down by fuel type, emission standard and age of the vehicle for 10 Member States (64% of EU-28 fleet)
  • Assess the relationship between annual mileage and age of the vehicle in 5 Member States
  • Estimate fixed (taxes) and operating costs (maintenance, insurance, tools) of LCVs
  • Analyse the LCV uses and the activity sectors in EU
  • Review the legal and fiscal regime of the LCVs in EU-28





Project Description

Joint Research Centre, Unit Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport

2018 – 2019

Enrico Pastori