Infrastructure costs assessment, toll calculation in UE

Assessment of infrastructure costs calculation, tolls calculation and variation for heavy goods vehicles in Member States

Costi infrastrutture stradali


Directive 1999/62/EC provides the legal Framework for the application of tolling of HGV in the EU, stipulating that tolls shall be based on the recovery of infrastructure costs and of traffic-related externalities. Before implementing or amending tolling schemes, Member States have to provide the Commission with a detailed description of the new system.

As contractor of the FWC, TRT verifies whether the tolling arrangement notified to the Commission fully respects the provisions of the Directive. The methodology applied for the verification includes:

  • determination of the scope of the tolling scheme notified by the member state;
  • identification of eligible costs;
  • allocation of infrastructure costs across tolled vehicles categories;
  • calculation of the weighted average tolls, cost recovery rate.


In its assessment reports, TRT provides sound and evidence‐based analyses of findings, along with factual conclusions and recommendations for possible modifications and improvements for compliancy reasons.


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2018 – 2021

Enrico Pastori