Road Transport Hauliers in the EU

Road Transport Hauliers in the EU – Social and Working conditions (Aggiornamento dello studio del 2013)


The update of the 2013 study  was proposed in the light of the newly published “Mobility Package”, especially to address the legislative proposals to amend the Directive 2006/22/EC and the Directive 2014/67/EU.

The 2013 study provided an analysis of the social and working conditions of professional drivers engaged in the road freight transport sector. The 2017 update addressed the changes that occurred since then.

With respect to this study, TRT

  1. updated the road freight transport context,
  2. updated the legislative framework relevant to the social and working conditions of road transport hauliers ,
  3. analyzed the most critical issues since the 2013 study and indicated what are the key ones likely to be of concern to Member States and
  4. made recommendations with regard to the legislative file proposal amending Directive 2006/22/EC and Directive 2014/67/EU.


Project Description

European Parliament


Marco Brambilla