Redefine the port - interport system in Livorno

Port of Livorno and Interporto Vespucci – Development and interaction between the Rail Plan and Darsena Europa

Porto di Livorno e Interporto VespucciThe study, developed on behalf of Vega Engineering for the AdSP of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, has the goal to redefine the port – interport system in the Livorno area for the evaluation of the potential and investment opportunities on the Vespucci interport by the AdSP following the implementation and entry into full operation of “Piano del ferro” and the new dock “Darsena Europa”.

To this end, the cognitive framework on the characteristics of supply and demand, current and future, of the port-interport system has been defined as well as the functional evolution of the system in relation to the realization of the planned infrastructural interventions on the outline. To support the definition of the port-interport system, a review analysis was carried out on the main Italian interports in order to identify their characteristics, best practices and strengths to be transferred, if necessary, to the specific Livorno context.

Following the definition of the evolutionary scenarios, a review of the infrastructural potential of the intermodal terminal and an assessment of the possible profitability of the Vespucci interport was carried out, with a focus on terminal operations, through a simplified economic-financial analysis for the different evolutionary scenarios.


Project Description

Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale


Giuseppe Galli