Parma SUMP

City of Parma’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Following a public tender, TRT has been commissioned by the City of Parma for the drafting of the new SUMP. The first step has led to the definition of the strategic guidelines of the Plan while, during 2016, the SUMP has been completely drafted in a pre-approval form.


The path of the SUMP has been developed through the following activities:

  • reconstruction of the knowledge in the area of transport and mobility;
  • analysis of its strengths and weaknesses;
  • identification of targets that have been selected from the indications of policy makers, stakeholders and citizens (that have contributed through the on-line survey conducted in support of the SUMP);
  • drafting of the SUMP guidelines that have been approved by the City Council (Sep. 2015);
  • definition of the alternate SUMP scenarios (successively shared among policy makers, stakeholders and citizen delegates;
  • the SUMP has aslo undergone a SEA (Strategic environmental assessment) evaluation;
  • technical, economic, environmental and social evaluation of the SUMP scenarios;
  • identification of the best SUMP scenario.

The Plan has been approved by the City Council the 21 of March 2017.


Project Description

Municipality of Parma

2015 – 2017

Espedito Saponaro