Potential rail demand assessment on the new Linz-Munich high speed rail

Study and analysis of the forecasted passenger traffic flows and the related offers of long-distance trains based on the future high speed infrastructure between Linz and Munich

The central task of the study in object is to determine the potential rail passenger demand as a result of a reduced journey time between Linz and Munich due to the construction of a new High Speed line. The project is spatially divided into the “study area in a European context” and the “study area in the regional context”. The “study area in the European context” is defined for the Linz-Munich express link as part of the Paris-Strasbourg-Stuttgart-Munich-Linz-Vienna-Budapest axis as well as those selected city nodes in the area of influence considered relevant for this axis. The “study area in the regional context” is defined by the catchment area of a route variant Linz-Munich prepared by the client with intermediate stops in Weis, Ried im lnnkreis , lnnviertel , Braunau, Muhldorf. TRT is responsible for the European context study  while  Komobile GmbH (AT) is responsible for analysis in regional context .

The study analyses the existing situation (Base Year) in terms of passengers demand, travel time, travel costs, transport activity and CO2 emissions.

Once the Base Year is defined and calibrated, future  Reference scenario and several Project scenarios are analyzed. In the Reference scenario future origin destination demand matrices between the relevant o/d pairs are assessed based on estimated changes in trips generation according to population and GDP growth by zone.

The description of future supply includes changes to infrastructure and services that are considered to be realistically implemented by the forecast horizon. In the Project scenarios the Reference demand is assigned to the “project” network. The project’s network includes the new High Speed link Munich-Linz. The scenarios consider alternative speeds for HSR services along the corridor and for other rail services connecting the relevant origin-destination pairs (i.e.: Vienna-Linz) as well as different prices levels.

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